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NYU Looking Up, Down, All Around for Expansion

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For years, opponents of NYU's expansions plans have argued that the school has turned the Village into one big bull's-eye, and the graphic at left probably won't do anything to dissuade them. It comes from the Villager, which had a sit-down with NYU officials to talk about how the school plans on meeting its goal of creating six million new square feet of space. NYU still has up to 1.5 million square feet of unused air rights and development space scattered around its campus, with most along the two superblocks between West Third and West Houston Streets, and Mercer Street and LaGuardia Place. The school is looking at every angle for utilizing the space, from constructing new buildings to rooftop additions to building below-ground. More information on potential ideas will be revealed at a community-outreach open house next month, but one interesting statement already out there is that the school feels that the Third Avenue cluster of dorms in the East Village has reached a "saturation point" and there won't be any new ones. Besides the St. Ann's abomination, of course.
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