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Vegas on the Hudson May Be Dead in the Water

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Rarely does a developer as huge as Related get jerked around, but that's apparently what's happening over on Pier 40 near Houston Street. Forever, Related's $625 million Pier 40 proposal of a Cirque du Soleil theater, concert halls, restaurants and retail was seen as the odds-on favorite over the People's Pier proposal of more fields and facilities. But then the vote was delayed to give the Pier 40 Partnership?a well-connected, well-funded group of local parents?time to get their own proposal together. Now, the Downtown Express reports that the Pier 40 Partnership is about to submit its plan, which calls for indoor recreation space and a school or arts center, among other things. The group may also combine with the People's Pier gang to form a Related-fighting supergroup. It could work. Sources told the DE that the Hudson River Park Trust is "cooling" to Related's proposal. It's an unfortunate turn of events for Related, whose plan was probably hurt by the departure of the megadeveloper-friendly Dan Doctoroff. But hey, anything beats the stench of rotting garbage, right?
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