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New Development Issues No Longer Just Tossed in Trash

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Is it just us, or is the boring world of real estate code enforcement becoming slightly more bad ass nowadays? First we got the vigilante street force of the Stop Work Order Patrol. Next, Department of Buildings employees scored themselves macho new uniforms. Then, our gentle little inspectors started getting up in motherfuckers' faces. It's been kind of awesome, actually, and now the Sun reports that Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is getting in on the action. He's reviving the enforcement arm of the state's real estate bureau, so all those development offering plans and complaints can actually be reviewed and investigated! That's right, it will no longer be just an empty threat when your lawyer says he's going to "file a complaint with the Attorney General's office" after your luxury condo springs a leak. There may actually be state-employed personnel with the time and resources to look into it. Whoa, did developers just get served?
· Cuomo Breathes New Life Into Real Estate Bureau [Sun]