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And Now, the Holiday Tipping Point

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Among the many evergreen holiday topics is who to tip and how much to tip them. We were reminded again, thanks to a reader who asked, "Do you guys have any guidance for appropriate tips for building staff at the Holidays? Doormen/ Concierges/porters/handymen...leasing agents/office staff?" Well, Curbed readers do. For instance, from the 2005 edition of Ask Curbed: "Cool Doorman: $100 and some cake and alcohol. Mean Doorman: $25. Super: $100." From the 2006 Ask Curbed Tipping Point, meanwhile: "I am on the board of a village condo with 10 units. The board tips the super about $700-800. The condo owners do their own thing. It makes no sense to 'pool' tips to one super." And, there was a New York round up last year that gave medians and average for everyone. Not to mention the classic Two Trees memo from a Christmas past that we've brought back, above. New tipping suggestions below in the Comments Section, of course.
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