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So You Want to Live in 40 Mercer

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And who can blame you? The Andre Balazs-developed, Jean Nouvel-designed glass box is the biggest thing to hit Soho since Olive's online delivery system launched (note: you'd better have a landline), and now that Harry Potter has bought in, there's no telling how high Little Boy Blue's star will rise. But how can you, an individual so tragically unfamous, earn admission into this exclusive enclave? By ponying up the cashola, duh. The building is sold out, but there are currently two super-high-end 2BR, 2.5BA units floating around on the market, priced at $6.985 million and $8.2 million. And while they are very similar in size and layout, the price point is not the only way these two Soho superstars differ.

Asking: $6,985,000
Listed by: Halstead's Richard Orenstein
Broker babble: "Enjoy unrivaled luxury from this extraordinary high floor double-corner loft in Soho's most sophisticated condominium!"

Asking: $8,200,000
Listed by: Corcoran's Dennis Mangone
Broker babble: "40 Mercer is Jean Nouvel's testament to progressive architecture with glass curtain wall construction featuring the largest sheets of glass ever used on a residential project"

In this showdown of well-known brokers at one of New York's newest premier addresses, the edge has to go to Mangone. Not only does he work the French starchitect into the lead (Nouvel doesn't even get a mention in the Halstead listing), but he also manages to drum up an even bigger sense of prestige and exclusivity. Largest. Sheets. Of. Glass. Ever. Every other glass box just got PWNED!
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40 Mercer

40 Mercer Street, New York, NY 10013