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Williamsburg is Very, Very, Very Hip

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How many times can one item about Williamsburg use the word "hip" or variants thereof? A few. We were reading an item from PR Newswire headlined, "Brooklyn's Williamsburg Neighborhood Becoming Hotspot for NYC Visitors" and thought we kept seeing it over and over. So, we counted:

1) "Hipster Haven is Focal Point for Boutique Shopping and Dining."
2) "...Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood has in recent years become one of New York City's hippest areas."
3) "Williamsburg is a haven for the young and the hip," said George Fertitta, CEO of NYC & Company.
4) "Close by is the hip and cozy Roebling Tea Room, offering coffee, spirits and great food..."
5) "Just outside Roebling Tea Room is the hip Boundless Studio, located in the same building..."
6) "You will eventually hit Bedford Avenue, where visitors will find some of the City's hippest boutiques, coffeehouses and food and wine shops..."

On the other hand, it's not quite as bad as the 125 N. 10 MySpace knife through the heart.
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