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New Brooklyn Neighborhood Blogs in Sunset Park & PLG

There are a couple of relatively new Brooklyn neighborhood blogs, including one in very under-blogged Sunset Park:

1) Sunset Park hasn't had a lot going on blog-wise since the demise of the short-lived Sunset Parker, so we're looking forward some stepped-up coverage from The Sunset Park Blog. Recent posts consider neighborhood demographics, take a look at Fifth Avenue Christmas decorations and bring some news about a new hotel on 39th Street. [The Sunset Park Blog]

2) Coming out of Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, Hawthorne Street bills itself as dealing with "local curiosities, reno tips and random thoughts on the urban environment," which leaves it a lot of room to cover ample territory. Recent posts include a little something explaining the origin of Hawthorne Street's name (yup, Nathaniel Hawthorne), reflections on noise in Flatbush and a PDF so readers can print those "no fliers" signs that are the latest trend all over Brooklyn. [Hawthorne Street]