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Curbed Cup Second Round: (2) West Chelsea vs. (10) LIC

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The Curbed Cup, our annual award to the New York City neighborhood of the year, for the past three years has been determined by reader vote. This year, we're upping the ante with a 16-neighborhood elimination tournament spanning the month of December. We've now moved on to round two in our quest to determine the neighborhood that most defined New York, for better or for worse, in 2007.

Friday Recap: The battle between closely ranked cross-town rivals The Bowery (#5 seed) and the West Village (#4 seed) saw the West Village build an early lead that it never relinquished, taking the land of the New Museum by a final tally of 54.7% to 45.3%. The West Village moves on to the semifinals to take on Tribeca, which should be a doozy.
Today's Matchup: Meantime, in the bottom half of the bracket, today sees #2 seed West Chelsea—home to more crazy starchitecture per square inch than any place else in America—square off against a dark horse, #10 seed Long Island City. As we all know, the Long Island City contingent knows how to make itself heard on Curbed... but will they have enough to power through?

West Chelsea (Ninth Avenue to Hudson River)
2007 Notables:
· Gehry's IAC Building had some, um, structural issues that reportedly led to a lawsuit
· Jean Nouvel's blinding vision for the West Side Highway took shape
· Shigeru Ban's Metal Shutter Houses might be even more batshit crazy
· But craziest of all? Annabelle Selldorf's in-apartment parking lots
· Progress on the High Line creeped north, with more to come in '08
· With West 28th Street in deep decay, even Amy Sacco looked for an out

Long Island City
2007 Notables:
· There was a floating aluminum tree!
· A giant new rental apartment building opened!
· Other big developments were developed!
· Starbucks is eyeing the neighborhood!
· They're finally getting a real grocery store, maybe!


Polls open until noon tomorrow. Vote your conscience—or, hell, your whim.