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BREAKING CurbedWire: Sixth Avenue Toxic!

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MIDTOWN?Relayed via Instant Message, an e-mail sent to corporate neighbors of the News Corp headquarters: "We have received a report of a chemical leak at 1211 6th Avenue (Newscorp Building) on the 45th floor. People are being evacuated out of the surrounding floors. Reports are that 6th Avenue will be shut between 47th & 48th Streets. When we receive more information we will update you." That potential Hudson Yards move is looking better and better every day, no? [CurbedWire IM]

12:09 UPDATE: The local Fox affiliate reports that one man was injured in the "chemical explosion," and 700 people have been evacuated from the building. [MyFoxNY, photo courtesy]

12:12 UPDATE: "The fire department is on the scene and in control of the building," officials said. The 44th, 43rd and 42nd floors were evacuated and people were not allowed into the building's lobby. [NYP]

12:16 UPDATE: Gawker snags a NYPost memo about the explosion that's HEAVY ON THE CAPS.