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Reviewers, Guests Finding That Le Bleu is in Gowanus

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Once upon a time, it was hard to imagine that a hotel within smelling distance of the Gowanus Canal would make the Times Travel Section. Yesterday, Hotel Le Bleu did and the issues are as much with the location as the hotel itself. (Well, a little bit, anyway.) The reviewer doesn't buy the Fourth Avenue is the next Park Avenue spin on things, saying, "the big question is: who will pay $350 to spend a night in this netherworld?" By which we assume he means a view that includes Manhattan in the distance and "a U-Haul parking lot, trash-hauling bins and a sliver of the Gowanus Canal." He does say, though, that the bed was "like sleeping on a cake with lots of icing" and notes that the toilet is "in a booth of opaque glass." The lobby, however, gets a thumbs down ("precisely two chairs, and they aren’t comfortable") and the bell hop wouldn't bring an extra chair to the room. Verdict: "The two things you’d expect from a Brooklyn hotel — more space and much lower prices than in Manhattan — are absent from Le Bleu." On the other hand, a recent guest called it "a fledgling operation that isn't ready for guests" on "a rather desolate stretch of Fourth Avenue" and said breakfast was "an unappetizing assortment of muffins plonked on a chrome table." Ouch.
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