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Troubles With Trump: 2007 Not Ending Well for Donald

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Is Donald Trump spending too much time up in the helicopter and not enough minding the store? First came word that The Donald may have partnered with a black market weapons buyer on Trump Soho, and now somewhat less dramatically, those pesky residents keep complaining about deteriorating conditions at Trump Place buildings on the Upper West Side. Donald Trump Jr. was famously booted off the board at Trump Place last year for "neglectful management," but apparently not much has changed since. Page Six reports that a resident has fired off a letter to the management of 140 Riverside Boulevard complaining about the condition of the building. It reads, "I have seen the quality, care, maintenance and service deteriorate considerably. The concerns run from filthy baseboards to peeling paint and ripped wallpaper. The polishing of the marble floors is horrendous and rarely done." Trump doesn't manage the building, of course, but he can't like the negative press. Expect to see him down on his knees spit-shining the marble by year's end.
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