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44 Mercer: Seven Stories With Harry View

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For quite some time, we've been keeping our eyes on the big hole over at 44 Mercer Street in Soho. The pit in question is right next door to that metal and glass condo sensation at 40 Mercer, which was brought to us by MoMA magician Jean Nouvel and where a cozy cabana costs more than the GDP of some small countries. Now that another wizardly fellow has dropped some cash for a few rooms at Jean's place, the time seems ripe to see what we can dig up about the hole next door. Given its location, we're sure this pit is meant to be more than a piss pot for a couple of posh pups. And, galloping gargoyles, it is. It's a small-ish lot, only 26' wide and just half a block deep. So, what's a developer to do? How about a 15,000 SF, 7-story, one-family townhouse? Complete with spa, gallery and enough goodies to knock you off your quidditch stick.

Digging out the foundation at 44 Mercer Street in Soho. Parking available next door.

Caterina Roiatti from Traboscia Roiatti Architects is the architect here. The TRA Studio website describes how the former building on this lot was almost completely destroyed by fire a number of years ago. Some cast iron elements which remained will be incorporated into the new facade, which will also include curved glazing on the upper floors. A while back the plan was for a 5-unit multi-family dwelling, but it seems the idea now is to make the whole site available for one big happy family. Or, perhaps, for one very wealthy orphan.

44 Mercer before (L) and how it should look when completed.

The site with 40 Mercer rising above.

Another view of the planned building at 44 Mercer.
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