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On the Racked: Riverdale StarbucksGate Details, Marc Ecko Star Wars, Mo' Banks, More

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1) Riverdale: Remember Dan Wright, the broker that claimed responsibility for snagging a Starbucks? He was a hero to some and a villain to others. Well, he may be neither. Another broker says Mr. Wright had nothing to with it and that all the credit (blame?) belongs to him. Among other things, Ryan Feldman writes, "Dan Wright, or any other talentless residential real estate broker who is seeking unwarranted publicity, had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Starbucks coming to Johnson Avenue-Riverdale." There is much more as well.

2) Chelsea: Is Marc Ecko's recently opened Cut & Sew shop going through a major identity crisis? It depends on how one feels about a weird Star Wars poster in the window.

3) Everywhere: Need Mo' Banks? There are several Mo' right here.

2) West Village: So who, exactly, is going to be shopping at the new Duane Reade on Hudson Street with Food Stamps?