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Albee Toast: Closed and Falling

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Albee Square, aka the Gallery at Fulton Street, is coming down fast. The property once owned by developer Joe Sitt and Thor Equities that was sold this year for $125 million is destined to become a retail center with attached tower up to 60 stories tall and 650 apartments (down from an original plan of 1,000). Demolition started in late November on the unloved parking garage behind the structure, and it's being rapidly reduced to a pile of twisted steel and rubble and workers are prepping the the Gallery itself to go to the big shopping mall in the sky. The $750 million project will house a Target, among other things.

Fresh Albee Square destructoporn from this morning.

Renderings of the new development planned for the Albee site that are still on the Greenberg Farrow website, but said to be outdated. They show the outlines of the tower planned for the site.
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