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More Troubles With Trump: Donald's Palace Stinks

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The holiday season hasn't been met with much cheer and merrymaking at the Trump Organization. Over the weekend, reports circulated about shady business partners and deteriorating building conditions, and today the hits keep on coming. At least one Trump employee says that the Trump Palace on the Upper East Side totally stinks. This, according to the flier that is blanketing the building. Our mole on the inside the says the recent overhaul of the Food Emporium at 68th Street and Third Avenue has apparently led to some added odors wafting to the Trump apartments above. Says the source:

I'll assume this campaign was started by someone who lives on a lower floor. It must really stink (no pun intended) for him/her, but those of us on the higher floors certainly don't notice. The campaign for "odor alerts" is getting a bit annoying. How many fliers do we need to get. Here is the crux of my question. If you buy a condo right above a super market, shouldn't you assume there are going to be "smells and odors"? I mean, duh.Poor little height-challenged Trumplings. Let the soothing scents of fresh-sliced deli meat calm you.
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