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UWS Can't Get Enough of That Crazy Limestone

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BKSK Architects is like the Wu-Tang Clan of architecture firms?they can butter their bread with some old-school hits, but don't count them out to fire off a modern-day banger. Take a look at two recent NYC projects the firm has birthed: 25 Bond, as crazy an entry into the Noho architecture sweepstakes as you'll find (outside of 40 Bond, of course), and the classic Harsen House on the Upper West Side. It's the 16-story, 23-unit Harsen House at 120 West 72nd Street that gets a serious pat on the back from Sun architecture critic James Gardner today. He writes, "Stylistically, the dominant look is — if I may reheat a term I used a few years ago — neo-preo: It is a new structure trying its damnedest to look pre-war." Just like 15 Central Park West, another limestone-clad West Side n00b. Now, if only Harsen's developers could get those 15CPW prices, then we'd have a blockbuster. Oops, we mean Best Buy.
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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023