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Willets Point's Chop Shop Row: Hey, it Beats Brooklyn

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Over the summer we checked in with the city's redevelopment plan for Queens' Willets Point?housing, retail, office space and a convention center to be plopped down near the Mets' new CitiField. We asked if the auto body shops and junk yards now occupying the Iron Triangle would go peacefully, and of course, that answer turned out to be a resounding no. Now, the Daily News reports on the offers the city is making to Willets Point business owners to get them to relocate, and the iTri folks say the deals aren't very tantalizing. Said one bakery supplier who requested a new location in northern Queens but was presented with offers anywhere but, "Why would I even entertain moving to a multistory building in Sunset Park?" That's right, even the inhabitants of an area known as the "Iron Triangle" think Sunset Park is beneath them. That's gotta sting!
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