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When Signs Collide in Cooper Square

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The big question along the Bowery these days is "Who the hell is YUO?" And how could YUO have any influence over the way somebody feels about the new cocoon-ish Cooper Square Hotel rising there? We don't know who this mysterious YUO is, nor do we have a clue where YUO lays his weary head. Locals have made it very clear that YUO doesn't reside near this soon-to-be hot spot from the Peck Moss gang, which can be seen for miles rising on 5th Street at the edge of the East Village. Rest assured, however, that if YUO did live anywhere near these Bowery blocks he would be very confused. The cacophony of signage in that vicinity is enough to drive even the sanest of the Bowery Boys out of his friggin' mind. We can only imagine what it would do to a seemingly sensitive soul like YUO.

On the one hand, you have locals parading up and down with every sort of sign protesting against this and that. While overhead, there are yet more signs promoting the exact thing that those-who-walk-in-circles are adamantly against. Promoting versus protesting is, of course, the age-old New York Story, but those overhead signs are attached to the City's lamp posts (or "street poles" in cityspeak). Those poles are regulated by the City and, of course, no one can put up ads on the public's poles for free. So, the City collects many a penny when someone decides to promote bars, partying, carousing and such by dangling all those promos above our heads. After all, commerce versus quiet is another age-old City story. Wonder what YUO would say about that?

The Cooper Square Hotel rising from The Bowery.

And seen rising between the buildings of neighboring NoHo.
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