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CurbedWire: D-Day for the Dev, No Money on Ludlow

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CENTRAL VILLAGE?It looks like the deal for the Devonshire House at 28 E. 10th Street is done. Bids for the building came in in June and, now, word from a special Curbed correspondent is that the new owners are closing on the Dev today. "They are not renewing any market rate leases," our report says. "Most likely heading for condo conversion." The Dev has been one of the last pre-war rental buildings in the Central Village holding out against the coop/condo tide. So, now, the big question is: how long before the War on Dev Stabies begins? [CurbedWire Inbox]

LES?Those waiting for the Ludlow to get a friend may have a short reprieve. A Curbed correspondent on the LES reports the latest scuttlebutt: "The site next to the LUDLOW monstrosity has been been cleared for a while now. I understand they're looking for financing, but having some problems." [CurbedWire Inbox]