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As the Sheffield Turns: Buyer's Remorse? Nah, Just Rage

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Few buildings inspire as much rage as the Sheffield 57?developer Kent Swig's conversion of a 50-story Hell's Kitchen rental building to luxury condo opulence. The conversion itself was extremely controversial, and the battle took an ugly turn when a very hungry marching band showed up to cause a ruckus. Now, one disgruntled Sheffield 57 buyer believes he has some answers, and he'd like to tell you all about it:

I am a little surprised by the lack of real concern from the prospective purchasers of the condo units. Anytime i have asked sales office at sheffield any questions, i have not gotten satisfactory answers. Here are but a few...

Temporary Certificate of Occupancy... I was originally told after they blew the October 8 close that I would close in November. It is now December 14 and guess what no TCO or real estimate of when this will be accomplished. is this really a problem with the city being slow or is it construction or other issues with Sheffield. The result of this delay for me as well as others is at the very least the cost of rolling over and over loans and at most selling other property with no place to go. The point is that the sales office does not really seem to care. Drive way.... as previously stated does the Sheffield really have the permit for building this drive way. I think the prospective buyers should see this permit. One reason to doubt the sheffield is that the construction was suppose to start in September. Now they say this will be one of the last items to be completed. No mention of a real scheduled date.

Common space on 57 and 58. the original date for completion was suppose to be 1st quarter 08. Now they say summer 08. Well again there is no concern by sales staff that they are so far behind. They also have not mentioned whether buyers will receive rebate on maintenance for this period under construction. By the way what legal recourse do the buyers and tenants have if common space is never completed. do we have to step in and finish project on our dime?

Elevators. the elevators only two now working for lower floors really do not seem sufficient. Sales said a third would be open for tenants .. However when will this happen.

Windows. how could new windows not be installed for buyers prior to them moving in. I was told by sales office that they just snap in and that it would not be a big job to be finished after people move in. Well if that is true then why not just do it now. Again I have a concern that there is some other issue out there.

Floor 46 and above. My understanding is that these floors have not been opened yet for sales. Why is this the case and how long will construction go on. I have a feeling that everyone existing tenants and buyers will be inconvenienced and bull shitted to for a long time to come.

Construction quality in apartments====== not so good!

however the lobby does look good.

At least there's that!
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