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On the Market: Blessed at 15 Central Park West

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The Zeckendorfs tried their hardest to keep investors out of their Limestone Jesus, but you can't hold a good flipper back forever. Now that closings at "Fifteen" are moving ahead, some listings have been popping up on the resale market?such as a $12.5 million three-bedroom and a two-bedroom for just about $4 million?but we've yet to see anyone show off the goods. Until now! This 2,526-square-foot three-bedroom apartment, listed by three of Corcoran's finest, has a nice set interior shots. The ask is $8.5 million, and it's not even one of the park-facing units. But fear not, tree-loving millionaires, there are "glimpses" of Central Park from all rooms. It seems that no amount of hyperbole is too much for the universally-praised 15 CPW, as a tipster had this to say after gazing upon the listing: "The unit is truly an amazing piece of art with relatively good proportions and seemingly appropriate finishes throughout. Anyone who resides at this development should feel blessed." Need a tissue?

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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023