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Will Sunset Park Reclaim South Slope, Greenwood Heights?

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Ah, the Brooklyn neighborhood boundary game. One day a street is in, say, Sunset Park, and then someone comes along and starts calling it Park Slope. The nouveau Sunset Park Blog takes on the issue from the perspective a long-term resident who's watched the neighborhood go from being a place so rough that "no decent person wanted to be associated with the nabe" to being at the top of the list of next Brooklyn neighborhoods to be gentrified. He offers up a map from the New York Times showing pretty expansive Sunset Park boundaries that pretty much annex Greenwood Heights and what real estate people like to call the South Slope.

A little bit of what the Sunset Park Blog has to say:

Old timers in what used to be Northern Bay Ridge until 1964 may want to be back in Bay Ridge. People who live in what used to be Southern Park Slope wish they were in Park Slope...Go to the northern part of the nabe in what used to be Southern Park Slope and people will insist they don't live in Sunset Park but in something called Greenwood Heights. Perhaps at some point in the future the borders will be redrawn. I suspect the wave of gentrification spilling over from the Slope southward might have something to do with it. The irony is that most of these people moved into Sunset Park because the property values were cheaper. Now they want to be part of the slope so their properties will be worth a slight bit more.There's always the unfortunate idea of Sun Slope as a compromise or, perhaps, SloSuPa.
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