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LIC's Flux Factory to Fall for Commuter Tunnel

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This could be a story about gentrification forcing artists out of Long Island City, except that entity giving the Flux Factory the boot is the MTA and the reason is the humongous East Side Access Project. The arts space in a converted warehouse has been home to a revolving series of art shows, plus performances, etc. Flux Factory went to LIC as a Williamsburg refugee and signed a 15-year lease in 2002. Then, the MTA decided it needed the building as part of the $6.3 billion tunnel project. A co-founder of the Flux Factory says "some root hypocrisy" is at work in the decision to give Flux the boot for "a bunch of commuters coming in from one section of Long Island into Grand Central...I don't see why they have to wipe out a whole area." No word on whether there will be a new new Flux.
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