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More Time to Reflect on WTC Reflection

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Surging costs be damned, the Port Authority has always stood by the Sept. 11, 2009, opening date for the World Trade Center Memorial and Museum. But Michael Arad's "Reflecting Absence" will have to be absent a bit longer, as a re-evaluation of the project has led to a pushed back completion date. The memorial plaza will not be done until 2010, and the below-ground museum and above-ground visitors center will not be finished until 2011. Dates, as always, subject to change. And speaking of WTC messes, the Times' David Dunlap also reports that the Port Authority is hoping to still turn the Deutsche Bank building over to JPMorgan Chase & Company by September, despite demolition delays. By now, JPMorgan Chase probably wants nothing to do with this cursed location, but too bad, suckers!
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