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Return of the Fart Cloud Building: Dust, Smoke & Crack

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Connoisseurs of nasty demolitions will have a field day with the ongoing Opera of 5 Roebling in Williamsburg. The tear down of what was called the Giant Fart Cloud Building was stopped for a while and has started up again, with dramatic results. Blogger Bad Advice, who has a very front row seat, explains that things are very exciting: rocking building, walls that are coming loose, calls to 911, firefighters coming to check things out, but a lack of Building Inspectors and some, uh, dark humor about what it might take to get some help before the building falls over.
Bad Advice explains:

Nothing like being torn out of a dead sleep by your building lurching back and forth! My neighbors on the demo side of the building had it even worse. They had what they thought was black smoke pouring into their apartment and so called 911...The firemen came, the cops showed up and...they determined that it was black dust, not smoke, going into my neighbor's apartment and now my neighbor has a wall that gives when you push it. A different tenant now has big cracks running down her wall.As of yesterday, the building itself was not looking so good.
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