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Governors Island React-o-Matic: Stunning, Inspired, Swampy!

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Two React-o-Matics in one day? It's madness, friends. But following yesterday's announcement of the design team that will remake Governors Island—West 8, Diller Scofidio & Renfro, Rogers Marvel Architects, Quennell Rothschild & Partners and SMWM—the critical assessments are rolling in. Let's survey the landscape, shall we?

1) Nicolai Ourousoff: "In an age when developers regularly usurp the government’s planning role, it reflects the kind of imaginative, civic-minded thinking that can restore our faith in city and state leaders. Although still in the early design stages, it could well become the most inspired public park built here in generations." [NYTimes]

2) Philip Nobel: "Haven't dug into the Governors Island plans yet, but regarding West 8, they've been around for a while. They built a very cool plaza (with giant Tizio lamps!) in Rotterdam and some nice red bridges in Amsterdam. And like so many other Dutch firms working in the shadow of Rem, their work would be ominous if it were not so glib." [CurbedWire]

3) Anonymous Curbed Reader: "So if I'm understanding the plan correctly, the bottom portion of the island will be made over into wetlands. I can get behind that. But are the landscape designers really expecting people to swim in the swamp (right)?" [CurbedWire Inbox]

4) First and Court: "I love the topographical elements and the restored wetlands, as well as the promenade with what will be stunning harbor views. Here I was concerned it was too good to be true." [First and Court]

5) Streetsblog: No notable commentary as yet, but check out the rendering of the wooden bikes for the Governors Island bike share! Awww yeah. [Streetsblog]
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