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Drab on Delancey: LES' Newest Tower Revealed

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A Rumbling & Bumbling that went unsolved a while back was the steel frame rising at the corner of Delancey and Forsyth Streets on the Lower East Side, the site of an old parking lot next to Sara D. Roosevelt Park. Why the suspense, developers? Oh, because it's going to end up looking like that. Citizens of the LES, behold 38 Delancey Street, and its fairly spectacular website. Sixteen stories and 57 apartments coming at you via Yang Tze River Realty and architect Harry H. Hong. As a tipster put it: "sort of looks like The Ludlow growing out of a suburban strip mall." To which we say: The Ludlow is the motherfucking Great Pyramid compared to this thing.
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38 Delancey St.

38 Delancey St., New York, NY 10002