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On the Market: Get Your High Line While It's Hot

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Everyone knows that the price of parking is going up, but $18.75 million? Yowza! Oh, wait, it's for the whole lot? And there's a Soho one currently on the market for $25 million? OK, the air has been let out of our balloon a little, but this piece of property is still fairly impressive. Think there are no more prime development spots available in the new West Chelsea/High Line starchitecture district? Think again! This 100x100 lot, at 544 West 26th Street, was just put on the market through the Manhattes Group. It's between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues, right in front of the Chelsea Arts Tower and just steps from the High Line. It's also advertised as being "just down the block from one of the primary access points to the future Highline once it is completed." So, in the end, whatever springs up could have better High Line access than The Standard. Should Andre Balazs try again here?
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[Photo via PropertyShark]