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'A Bit of South Florida' Coming to Southern Brooklyn

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Today, we make one of our quarterly visits to Southern Brooklyn to note the impending start of projects that will bring 'a bit South Florida' to Sheepshead Bay and other spots, in the words of the developer. (He also adds that residents will "sit on the dock of the bay.") We've noted the pending Riviera Empire in the past, but work is apparently supposed to start next month. First up are an 18-unit condo project in Sheepshead Bay where prices will start at $600K and 10 single-family homes in Mill Basin with prices starting at $2 million. The third project, coming later next year, is a 64-unit condo development in Gerritsen Beach. Actually, it would be more fun if the developments had South Florida names like The Boca Raton instead of Riviera this and that in a bunch of far-off corners of Brooklyn. On the other hand, we're totally down with the Riviera Bensonhurst.
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