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Javits Center Expansion Appears to be Contracting

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Surely this great city deserves a world-class convention center with enough glitz and glamour to attract the most high-rolling of insurance firms, but the Javits Center will not be it. Back in November, the Observer's Matthew Schuerman broke the story that the $1.8 billion Javits Center expansion and remodeling may get scrapped in favor of a scaled-down renovation, and now the Sun reports that may indeed be the case. State officials are expected to testify today that the renovation plan is the correct path to take, because estimated costs have ballooned to over $3 billion. In ten years, the Javits Center will be the ugly wart on the ass of Hudson Yards. Or maybe Hudson Yards will be the ugly wart on the ass of Manhattan. Either way, something is going to be an ugly wart on an ass.
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