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Calatrava's Governors Island Gondola Refuses to Die

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So now that, come 2013, Governors Island will be some sort of magical wilderness of fantasy and delights, how will everyone get there? Surely a ferry won't be enough to do the trick. Oh wait, here's a thought: Santiago Calatrava's aerial gondola! The idea, first floated by the Spanish starchitect (seen karate-chopping a giant phallus) and the city nearly two years ago, clings to life by getting mentioned every 6-8 months. This time around, the Times has a word with Dan Doctoroff about the Govs Island plans:

The city has been studying the possibility of building a gondola designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava that could transport people to and from the island. “Based on what we’ve seen so far, it is definitely very feasible,” Mr. Doctoroff said.Doctoroff could just be yanking our chains on his way out the door, but still: YES!!!!!!
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