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Pathmark Rally Against Potential Cherry Pickers

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The "Save Our ______" rally is becoming a popular event around town, but there's one being held on the Lower East Side this morning that has to be a first: Save Our Supermarket. At 11 a.m., politicians and locals will gather at the site of the Cherry Street Pathmark store to protest the potential $250 million sale of the property to developers, who could build, among other things, the biggest flask in the known universe. The gathered masses will "call for the grocery store to remain open in the face of a $250 million sale offer that could turn the store into luxury developments and shut down the area's only affordable, diverse grocery store." Pathmark was recently sold to A&P, and the company has remained silent on any potential moves regarding 227 Cherry Street, in the shadow of the Manhattan Bridge on the East River. Will Dumbo Manhattan become a reality, or will the Pathmark protectors throw a wrench in the plans? Find out at the "Save Our Sense of Mystery and Intrigue" rally we're holding at noon.
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250 South Street

227 Cherry Street, Manhattan, NY 10002