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CurbedWire: Bad Tidings for Glad Tiding, Staten Island Landmark Demolishing Itself

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[Left photo via; right photo via amNY]

MIDTOWN?There are no good tidings or comfort or joy on this Friday before Christmas for the 1867 Glad Tiding Tabernacle at 325 W. 33rd Street. It was mentioned in an amNY story today about endangered landmarks, but a special Curbed correspondent emailed to say that "demolition is underway--right this minute! Just checked with Landmarks. This this handsome Italianate structure of 1867 'was considered' for designation by the Landmarks Commission, and per the spokesperson I reached this morning, 'the Commission declined to act on it.' Another one bites the dust. Sad, really. It had the temerity to stand in one place in NYC for 140 years. Clearly that was its downfall." [CurbedWire Inbox]

STATEN ISLAND?Some landmarks, on the other hand, fall from neglect. We got an email about the landmarked Bedell House, which is in Tottenville and is clearly getting a lot of love and attention (click on the thumbnail for a better view). The email from the Tottenville Historical Society says: "The stability of the front porch is in great jeopardy. Within the past few weeks, the elevation of the east corner has dropped almost a foot. Within the past two months, the house received another paint job. There are missing window panes. Additional sections of clapboard appear to have been removed. I am asking that, if nothing else, something be done asap to stabilize the porch." [CurbedWire Inbox]