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Will Burg's Grand Street Rezoning Chop Karl Fischer Towers?

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Sure, 2007 still has some life left, but an interesting Williamsburg fight is already shaping up for '08. A couple of days ago, the outlines of a rezoning of Grand Street were released by the City Planning Department. If it makes it through the process, new buildings in a 13-block area between Berry Street and the BQE and Metropolitan Avenue and South First Street could be limited to 50-70 feet in height by summer. (The area was left out the 2005 Williamsburg rezoning that limited tall buildings away from the waterfront.) What this means, in particular, is that two big Karl Fischer buildings that would rise across Driggs Avenue from each other on Grand Street could get seriously chopped in size. The Fischer tower on the left is 10 stories. The "Monster Tower" on the right is 15 stories. The height limit on Grand would be about five stories. This also means that a game of Beat the Downzone could ensue for at least one of the planned buildings. The rezoning could happen by summer if all agree to it.
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