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Extra Extra! Herald Square's New Tower Revealed

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Macy's may be leaving Herald Square, but a whole bunch of others are moving in! CityRealty has the scoop on 885 Sixth Avenue, a new 47-story tower to be built at 32nd Street. Your architect for this journey is the irrepressible Costas Kondylis, and the developer is something called Atlantic Realty Development. The setback glass tower will be residential, and the base will have retail on the first two floors, offices on the third floor and a gym on the fourth floor. Winick is handling the retail leasing, and their listing has some more info, including the presumptuous placement of Apple signage in the rendering. According to Winick, this is a "truly dominant retail location." So, WHO'S READY TO DOMINATE?! Let us guess: Bank of America, Chase and North Fork.
· 47-story mixed-use tower planned for 885 Sixth Avenue [CityRealty]
· Listing: 885 Sixth Avenue [Winick]