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Curbed Cup Semifinals: (10) Long Island City vs. (11) Coney Island

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The Curbed Cup, our annual award to the New York City neighborhood of the year, for the past three years has been determined by reader vote. This year, we're upping the ante with a 16-neighborhood elimination tournament spanning the month of December. Here now, we enter the semifinals in our quest to determine the neighborhood that most defined New York, for better or for worse, in 2007.

Yesterday's Recap: The polls remain open through Christmas in the neighborly matchup between #4 West Village and #9 Tribeca. As we type these words, the Village is absolutely crushing the Triangle with nearly 64% of the total vote.

Today's Matchup: Additional servers have been installed. Curbed technical support is standing by. And so with great trepidation but even greater excitement, it's time for the semifinal matchup between #10 seed Long Island City and the upstart #11 seed, Coney Island. Both neighborhoods had tons of ink spilled about them on Curbed this year, and both have vociferous defenders—and detractors. So who moves on to next week's finals?

Long Island City
2007 Notables:
· There was a floating aluminum tree!
· A giant new rental apartment building opened!
· Other big developments were developed!
· Starbucks is eyeing the neighborhood!
· They're finally getting a real grocery store, maybe!

Coney Island
2007 Notables:
· Astroland celebrated its final day before development did it in...
· ... until developer Joe Sitt granted Astroland a one-year stay of execution...
· ... until the city waded into battle with its own roller-coaster designs
· Hey! A queer femme swimsuit calendar!


As with the other semifinal matchup, polls will remain open until the morning of December 26, at which point the final matchup will be set.