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Walentas Project Stirring Dumbo Muck on All Sides

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When last we had a look at David Walentas' controversial Dock Street tower proposal, it was standing proud and tall in a scale model in the Two Trees Management Office. In the meantime, the controversy about it has gone up a notch or two. First, the developer has hired two lobbyists, one of them a former City Council member and the other a Queens firm that is said to have to have some ears on the Council's Land Use Committee. One reason could be the major zoning change the project needs. In the meantime, the Dumbo Neighborhood Association continues trying to gather an angry mob. It's got an anti-Dock Street website called that uses renderings very similar to ones Mr. Walentas is using on his website to promote the project, but in "before-and-after" shots like the one above. Also, Jed Walentas tells the Brooklyn Paper that if no one wants to make nice, they can always develop a 35-story hotel on the site without getting anyone's permission. Capisce?
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