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Politicians Strike Back: Give Us Our 7-Train Stop!

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Oh, No. 7 question mark graphic, how we hate to trot you out, with your loaded symbolism of dashed dreams and bureaucratic incompetence. Sniff. But while the Hudson Yards celebrates its own 7-train stop on the line's 1.1-mile extension, word now comes that the 41st Street and Tenth Avenue station?abandoned by the MTA due to cost concerns?may be revived. The Times' Charles Bagli reports that a group of high-ranking politicos fired off a letter to Dan Doctoroff saying that the 41st Street 7-train stop is "imperative" to repopulating the Far West Side. To get it done, they suggest putting other projects on hold, such as a tree-lined boulevard between Tenth and Eleventh Avenue from 34th to 39th Street. It's just a letter, and Doctoroff already has one foot out the door, but at least there's a pulse.
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