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East River Water Taxi is Sunk for Winter

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Those Williamsburg real estate marketing pitches that tell potential buyers about how they can get to Manhattan in the luxury and comfort of a quick ride on Water Taxi might be in for a tweak after the holidays. Brooklyn 11211 reports that riders were handed a lump of coal for the holidays yesterday. The memo said the East River service is suspended as of January 1 and will resume on May 1. The flier said Water Taxi "broke even during the spring, summer and fall when tourist used the commuter service for sightseeing," which is apparently a first. But it notes that ridership falls 30 percent in the winter and the cost of fuel has doubled this year, so it can't afford the operating losses. This all started earlier this week, of course, with the cancellation of service in Red Hook. So, no more riding the water to Manhattan from Brooklyn until spring.
· Water Taxi to Suspend Service [Brooklyn 11211]