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CurbedWire: The Ludlow's Got Company, Olsen Twins (et al) Hit with Big 'Special Assessment' at Morton Square

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LOWER EAST SIDE—Last week, the Wire heard word that the empty site next to megatower The Ludlow on, yes, Ludlow Street had been cleared for construction of its very own. Today, a tipster sends the above photo and this note: "looks like they're pooring foundation—my guess is to keep the 421 tax abatements before they run out (if they have em')." Renderings puhleeze. [CurbedWire Inbox]

WEST VILLAGE—Oooh, Olsen Twins gossip, from a tipster: "The board of morton square surprises everyone with a $650k 'Special Assessment' to be billed in 2 weeks! bet the Olsens didn't see it coming, or anyone else since people are on vacation. the twins' share is a bundle, likely more than $30k. what a nasty surprise when people get back from Xmas. looks like Carlisle isn't going to foot the bill for their shitty construction anytime soon. in the december 18 letter, it says 'However, this Board has decided not to wait for a final resolution with the Sponsor before doing these projects, given the timing of a resolution with the Sponsor is uncertain.'" [CurbedWire Inbox]