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Curbed Awards '07 Architecture Part V: Block of the Year

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Whew, 2007 was a wild one, wasn't it? To honor the insanity that crept into all matters neighborhoodish and real estatey, we present the Fourth Annual Curbed Awards. This year, the awards will be presented in small batches through Monday. Today, we tackle the year in architecture.

When all was said and done, architecture in New York City in 2007 was defined by one cobblestoned block in Noho—Bond Street. The block boasts three imposing newcomers—Herzog & de Meuron's 40 Bond (with executive producer Ian Schrager); Deborah Berke's 48 Bond; and, across the street from both, George Schieferdecker/BKSK Architects' 25 Bond. This year, each went from shell to sensation, and Curbed was there to chronicle the changes every step of the way.


February 26: the green glass goes in. [more]

February 27: the view from above and away. [more]

June 18: Peeking in from the back, the dream is coming together. [more]

July 3: The graffiti gates are in! [more]

July 10: Schrager's glorious trees are lowered into place. [more]

July 20: The madness continues with this homage to Haring. [more]

September 7: Scaffolding's down and the full front facade is revealed! [more]

September 14: Backyard grills!!!! [more]

September 25: The windows are open! And our camera needs some color correction. [more]

October 25: Now with window dressings!!! [more]


February 16: the basement pool is laid. [more]

May 24: the walls are up and the odd black facade starts swinging into place. [more]

August 13: The wonky windows are looking, well, wonky. [more]


March 25: After months under cover, the facade is revealed [more]

May 4: The development mints its own money. [more]

September 12: The last of the sidewalk shed is carted away, and the joint looks stately. [more]

November 21: Even the sidewalk is a work of art. Bond Street, God bless ya! [more]

40 Bond Street

40 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012 Visit Website