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Curbed Cup Update: Hijinks, Shenanigans, and Much Joy

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Above, as the bracket reveals, the finals matchup for the 2007 Curbed Cup is set: #4 West Village will take on #10 Long Island City in what promises to be... well, who the hell knows what at this point. Following what can only be described as massive voting irregularities in the Long Island City-Coney Island semifinals matchup—107,852 total votes were cast—we're holding off on opening the polls for the finals today while we consider how to handle this, the most important vote of our lifetime. Iowa's got nothing on Curbed, obviously.

Some assorted thinking about The Finals, in no particular order...

1) Good God, friends, there is a lot at stake here. The entire editorial credibility of Curbed—and all neighborhood and real estate blogs, when you think about it—hinges on the outcome of this vote. We may just have to shut this whole enterprise down if we can't find a suitable solution.

2) Still, given that the Curbed Cup's raison d'etre is to identify the neighborhood that most defined New York City in 2007, it sort of says something awesome about a neighborhood when a bunch of its supporters actually go to war to assure that their neighborhood advances in the tournament, doesn't it? Like, Coney's supporters could only gin up a mere 37,788 votes in the last round? What the hell is wrong with those people?

3) That said, and our fondness for scripts and macros aside, we're disinclined to throw the polls open here and just let the scriptkidz do their thing over the next five days. Honestly, we're not sure what would happen to our polling software once LIC surpassed one million votes. (We haven't ruled out apocalypse.)

4) So, a few possibilities. The Curbed Technical Support Team is considering ways of having computers that try to screw with the poll self-destruct. We're also toying with the idea of opening the poll for a random one-hour period sometime between now and December 31. We'll let you know tomorrow which way we're going with this.

5) Temperate hearts, better angles, and all joy unto you and yours. Especially if you live in the West Village or Long Island City.