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REVEALED: Scarano Exposes Himself on the Bowery

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One regular question to the Curbed inbox this fall has come from folks wondering just what the heck that steel tower is rising north of the Bowery Hotel but south of the Cooper Square Hotel on the east side of The Bowery. At last, the reveal.

The newly-singular architect Robert Scarano is showing off his latest erection all over a Flash-y new website. What it shows is a pencil-thin 15-story tower that we'd heard rumor of back in the summer of 2006, packing 14 units. It's rising at what the development folks are calling 52 East 4th Street. However, the name they give themselves is 351 Bowery Associates, and that's the address where most of this oddly plotted site is situated. The lot turns this-a-way and angles that-a-way, creating a property line that's more convoluted than an explanation from the Department of Buildings. Renderings from the website show lots of glass and gleaming white steel. But a little birdie down at the construction site warns there might be surprises in store.

The building site for 52 East 4th all moshed up between the Bowery and East 3rd.

Scarano knows this area well, having toiled for too long on the big brick building just to the south which now houses the hot and happening Bowery Hotel. But that was then. These days there's no more downtown dorms on Bob's agenda. Just full-floor luxury floating above that old Salvation Army building down below.

The Lobby (left) and The Logo.

Scarano's erection is just to the north of his old stomping grounds.

The big ass bath (l) and a cozy kitchen (r).

The frame of the tower rises in the downtown twilight.

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52 East 4th Street

52 East 4th Street, New York, NY 10003