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CurbedWire: Fumes at Old Chelsea Exxon Station, More!

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CHELSEA— A tipster emails, "They're digging up the soil beneath the old Exxon at 23rd Street & 10th Avenue in Chelsea (right, back in the day) and the whole neighborhood reeks of gas. The smell was so bad in our building that 4 fire trucks showed up this morning to check on the fumes. The construction manager told us that they're monitoring the air and that it's all fine. Tell that to our doorman who said his eyes were burning. Does anyone know if this is safe/legal?" Hmmm. We first chronicled a big dig at this site waaaay back in October 2005 (after its closure that September). For those with short-term memory problems because of overexposure to toxic fumes, here's a peek at the Boymelgren tower (d/b/a 10 Chelsea St.) slated to rise on the site. [CurbedWire Inbox]

BROKERLAND—Here's an excerpt from an epic press release that hit the Curbed Inbox today: "While all the nasty real estate brokers, aka, Christmas Eve Page 6 report 'Shvo firing', etc.. were firing their staff over Christmas, Petite Blonde— Marlene Steiner—one of Prudential Douglas Elliman's Top Producers' for years, took her entire staff to fete a la Four Seasons Hotel. Over champagne and wonderful fare she thanked her team for all of their help throughout the year." Someone hold us! [CurbedWire Inbox]