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Auld Lang Syne #2: Chumley's? More Like Glum, Jeez

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For our second look at one of New York City's late lamented watering holes-slash-neighborhood landmarks, we check in with West Village institution Chumley's.

Oy, this one hurts. The odds looked decent that the venerable speakeasy would be rebuilt following a chimney collapse at in April, but Eater dropped by the Chumley's space at 86 Bedford Street yesterday, and things are not looking good. Originally scheduled to reopen in October, Chumley's appears to be far far away from welcoming any sort of non-hardhat-wearing company anytime soon. Eater reports that no work has yet begun on rebuilding the bar, and the photo above seems to confirm that as fact. Chumley's has a 99-year-lease on the space, so there's time, but will the old boy ever get back on his feet? We're a little afraid to find out.
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