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Curbed Awards '07 Real Estate III: Vacation Time!

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Whew, 2007 was a wild one, wasn't it? To honor the insanity that crept into all matters neighborhoodish and real estatey, we present the Fourth Annual Curbed Awards. This year, the awards will be presented in small batches through Monday. Today, we tackle the year in real estate and development.

You're Staying Where?! Award

3) This year, Williamsburg finally got a new hotel to call its own. Too bad the Hotel Le Jolie is snuggled up next to the BQE and is scary as fuck. At least the rendering looks nice.
2) The Gansevoort Hotel crowd is already unintentionally hilarious, but at least that whole thing fits in the context of the Meatpacking District. Now, pick up that scene and drop it near Murray Hill. Can you picture it? Neither can we. But we wish you the best, Gansevoort Park.
1) Why does Gowanus' Le Bleu get the edge over its sister hotel, Le Jolie? Because even the Times struggled to find something nice to say about it. Love those $350-per-night Fourth Avenue views, too!

Cabana of the Year
When trying to unload your private deck space to a fellow building resident, you could post a note on the lobby bulletin board. Or, you could list it with Elliman for $350,000. Somehow, this 374-square-foot 40 Mercer cabana is still on the market. Sign of a market crash?!

Outdoor Shower of the Year

Anything BLUE is as good as gold, so this is the most golden shower in all the land! Wait, why are you laughing? Anyway, BLUE takes the prize because the shower was so built up, and when we finally got the reveal, boy did it deliver. But apparently the buyer was less impressed. The 14th-floor unit went into contract in June, but now it's back on the market at a reduced price of $2.425 million. We'll bring the loofah! UPDATE: Sorry, StreetEasy misled us. It's actually the 15th floor that was just reduced. Thanks to the needlessly harsh and overly aggressive commenter who pointed that out.

Gather 'Round the Swimmin' Hole Award
3) Nothing too crazy about the 20-yard lap pool that will be in 510 Madison Avenue when it gets built, but 510 Mad is an office building. Swimming at work=awesome. Also, swimming at work=sexual harassment lawsuits. Which is, of course, also awesome.
2) What good is your own private suburb without your own private pool? None! Pool day at Tribeca's lavish Our Suburb was exciting, especially when the thing got lifted into the top floor.
1) Bridging the gap between luxury real estate development and Captain Planet and the Planeteers, Murray Hill's Jasper is combining the elements of fire and water into a fireside pool lounge that is both sexy and sinister (over-the-top cleavage shots are sexy, right?). Hopefully the advertised children's play room is nowhere near it.