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Curbed Awards '07 Real Estate IV: Top 10 Pornalicious Floorplans of the Year

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Whew, 2007 was a wild one, wasn't it? To honor the insanity that crept into all matters neighborhoodish and real estatey, we present the Fourth Annual Curbed Awards. This year, the awards will be presented in small batches through Monday. Today, we tackle the year in real estate and development.

Another Curbed feature familiar to regular readers is Floorplan Porn, in which the most outsized, over-the-top floorplans are revealed. Here now, the Top 10 Most Pornarrific Floorplans of the Year. Strap in.

10) 76 Madison Avenue, Murray Hill: To us, this place will always fondly be known as the Elevator in the Closet apartment. [more]

9) Somewhere on the UES: Here we have Belview Mansion, the home owned by merchant Jacob Walton that was bombed by those dastardly Red Coats in 1776. Back in the day, this was referred to as Floerplan Poryne. [more]

8) East 66th Street, UES: For comparison's sake, here's what good pornage looks like on the Upper East Side nowadays. This is the Manhattan House conversion. Boom. [more]

7) 11 Spring Street, Nolita: Hey, it's our old favorite 11 Spring Street, nicely divvied up for potential buyers! Maybe too divvied up, actually. Still, we'd move in. [more]

6) 1 York, Tribeca-ish: An outdoor lap pool you say? Just above Canal Street, you say? This'll be interesting. [more]

5) 30 Crosby Street, Soho: Speaking of watery escapes, here's one floor of rocker Lenny Kravitz's Soho duplex, back on the market yet again. Sure, he had us at hot tub, but do check out that undulation, too. [more]

4) The Pierre, UES: When you've got 22 closets, you've got closets for your closets. And their closets. [more]

3) 995 Fifth Avenue, UES: More from the Upper East Side, in this case The Stanhope, where they make floorplan porn the old fashioned way: by owning the entire freaking floor. You have to squint to really appreciate this one, but it's well worth it. [more]

2) 200 Eleventh Avenue, Chelsea: Let's face it: does your 5,000 square foot penthouse include a parking space for your car—in the penthouse itself? Yeah, Annabelle Selldorf didn't think so. [more]

1) 123 West 15th Street, Chelsea: Floorplans alone don't do full justice to the insanity of the architectural vision at this Chelsea townhouse renovation/expansion/mindfuck. The humanity. [more]