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Auld Lang Syne #1: Cedar Tavern Condos Nearly Complete

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Before the year runs out, let's take a cup o' kindness for a few of New York City's late lamented watering holes-slash-neighborhood landmarks.

[photos courtesy Maple_Syrup_Doodle/Flickr (left) and Rev. Santino/Flickr (right)]

We haven't dropped by in a while to check on construction progress, but that doesn't mean things haven't been moving along at the old Cedar Tavern building on University Place (at 11th). Close readers and heavy drinkers among us may recall that the legendary spot—the original dates from 1866—shuttered in November 2006 with the owner promising six months of closure to add eight stories of condos on top. Well, uh, would you believe... the joint's closed 12 months and counting?

Comes The Real Deal to fill in some details about the condos themselves, and the putative pricing. Key details: condo prices will start at $1.7 million with PDE's Tamir Shemesh handling sales; units will measure one 2BR per floor (roughly 1,200 square feet each) with a 3BR duplex penthouse at 2,000 square feet; construction is said to be "almost completed," and, hilariously, move-in is set for spring 2008; marketing will be directed at "college students" (and, one assumes, their parents and/or artistic benefactors).

As for the Cedar Tavern itself? There's no official word about whether or not it will reopen, but this quote from the owner about the condo name—which will be the address, 82 University Place, not Cedar Tavern Condos or somesuch—is telling: "Cedar is past. Cedar is history. It means something to me. It doesn't mean something to the next generation."
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