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CurbedWire: Crest's Louvers Revealed, LIC Condo Mystery!

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The year is short, but the Wire rolls on. As always, we welcome your tips, gossip, and wild innuendo to Thanks.

PARK SLOPE—A tipster sends along the above photo with this note: "Crest to 4th Ave.: Fuck you! Yeah, what else can you say about the unveiling of the first floor of Boymelgreen's Crest, on 4th Avenue. Because of the high water table there, he's put the garage on the street level. AND the ugliest louvers ever! Has anyone seen an uglier presentation to the street in a new residential building? At least the flat fix places on 4th are real, and, I have to say, a sight better looking. Can you imagine inviting friends or family here? If I was the boss of someone who bought here, and they invited me for dinner, I'd fire them on the spot for lack of judgment!" [CurbedWire Inbox]

LONG ISLAND CITY—Broker/blogger Andrew Fine emails, "Ah, who doesn't love a mystery? I was shooting on Jackson Ave in LIC the other day, and found a large condo coming out of the ground that nobody has any info on. I ran a search of DOB permits and it turns out that the building perch on the Pulaski bridge will be 11 stories, 170,000 sf and the architect of record is Cetra/Ruddy of One Madison Park fame—how glam!" More deets, including photos, on the Fine Blog. As a Long Island City bonus, check out the excellent new neighborhood blog LIQCity. [CurbedWire Inbox]