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Curbed Awards '07 Neighborhoods II: Art & Urbanity

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Awesomely Absurd Art Project of the Year
3) The Floating Tree brought a touch of nature to Long Island City. Until it didn't.
2) The Encampment brought Civil War-era camping chic to Roosevelt Island.
1) Red Hook menaced by Civil-War-esque submersable! So fucking best.

Awesomely Absurd Art Project We Wish Had Been Real

Ah, the Roosevelt Island Tower of Death. A place in our hearts, always.

Most Outlandish Urban Plan of the Year

3) City wants to take back, redesign Coney Island. Okay, so Sitt's proposals weren't much to get excited about. But does anyone really think this is a good idea?
2) Oh, the glory that will be Governors Island. In a decade or so.
1) Hudson Yards, of course, with special bonus points to Extell's plan (right), the craziest of the proposals for the site.

Most Unoutlandish Urban Plan Award
Washington Square Park. With all love and respect for tradition, they're moving the fountain a few feet and building a four-foot fence. We're pretty confident the spirit of the park will live on, somehow.